about the founder

Ryan SharpRyan Sharp is a local filmmaker who has worked on a variety of short films, features, and documentaries headlined in the Fort Myers Film Festival.  He earned his degree in Film Production in 1999 from Missouri State University, and studied under Mark Biggs, an Oscar winner and graduate of the New York Film Academy in New York City.  Mr. Sharp's work in "The Meaning of the Blues," a short film about a young African American on a journey to discover why his father was lynched, earned him high praise.  Mr. Sharp started very young, producing sketch comedy episodes, monologues, and movies.  At age 12, he performed Bill Cosby's "Dentist" routinue and was so popular as a comedian that teachers would set aside class time for Mr. Sharp to perform in front of the students.  During recess, he wrote comedy skits and prepared for his future as a filmmaker.  Soon his sketch comedy shows were entertaining fans throughout the local community.  He continued to write and produced comedy shows throughout High School an college.  During college, he began to focus on scritwriting for dramatic films, and still has numerous scripts ready for production.  He started as a Production Assistant on a feature film shot in Springfield, Missouri starring Rachel Hunter.  He worked as a lab assistant for film students, set builder for the theater department, and interned for a photography studio during college.  After graduating, he gained distinct life experiences by working in very diverse fields; everything from a church janitor to a financial aid officer to a public school bus driver.  This diversification has given Mr. Sharp a uniquely keen insight, of which he believes is crucial to writing compelling stories about real people and real problems.  One time, while working for a roofing contractor, Mr. Sharp realized that all of his co-workers were literally former felons, and yet as a believer in Christ, he felt compelled to remain on the job.  By the end of his mission, he had converted all three co-workers and his employer to Christ.  In another instance, he worked for a loading dock in a hot polluted factory.  Every morning is seemed, a co-worker, who knew Mr. Sharp was a Christian, warned him "I put a hex on you today."  This co-worker was heavily involved in witchcraft.  However, in response, Mr. Sharp merely showed her kindness and helped her lift her share of the cargo.  After about a year, the woman's heart was peirced by this kindness and self-control, and her daughter and her decided to attend church with Mr. Sharp, where they gave their lives to Christ. 

Today, Mr. Sharp continues to write scripts, books, and essays on the most clamant issues of our day. He is the elected Vice President of America's Party of Florida, where he is a grass roots activist working to preserve the Constitution and founding principles of the United States through uncompromised bold outreach and education. He has written, directed, and produced many short films in various genres dealing with a range of topics. In 2017, Sharp founded Perennial Film Festival with the mission to provide filmmakers with a platform to connect, learn, and reach people with quality stories via the video and film craft. The films, not only entertain, but encourage conversation. Films celebrate individual freedom and true independent thought, often challenging environmentalism, feminism, and political correctness. Sharp continues to serve as Director of the festival and enjoys helping filmmakers with script reviews, production, and other projects. He has many scripts ready for production and continues to strive towards making films that truly impact people and change lives.


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