courses and fees


Scriptwriting - $300

Preproduction (Preparation) - $300

Production (The Big Shoot) - $300

Postproduction (Finalizing the Film) - $300

*Marketing and Promotion - $100
(includes personal introductions to the founders of the Fort Myers and Naples Film Festivals)

To sign up or inquire about these courses, fill out the Info Form here.

• If a student wishes to sign up for all five classes, the price of each course drops to $250.
• Each class is 10 weeks, except for the marketing and promotion class, which is 3 weeks.
• Students may be awarded positions on major productions upon participation and completion of various classes.
• Students should call to sign up or ask questions at 727-798-1101.  Talk to Ryan.

*The Marketing and Promotion class is only offered to students who have completed all of the other classes.


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